The King of Power

September 8th, 2017 | Posted by Glen Macrae in What's On

This Sunday we continue our series on Mark’s Gospel. We consider Christ The King of Power. Some say ‘only what you can see and touch is real’. Some say ‘only what scientists can measure is real’.  Yet the Bible introduces us to a spiritual realm beyond what we can see and touch. In that spiritual realm we see a great battle between good and evil. A battle that underlies all our experience in the material world today. But there is good news. Though sometimes it might seem that evil prevails, the Gospel reveals the victory of the good. The utter supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ – The King of Power (Mark 1.21-34).

In addition to sharing our next instalment in our Mark series, this Sunday I will also be making a Pastoral Statement responding to the same-sex marriage debate.

Rev. Glen Macrae, Lead Minister.

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