Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values


St Luke’s exists to build communities of grace and hope, in Jesus Christ.

We believe that the hope found in Jesus Christ is central to people finding hope for their lives today.

In the Frankston district we seek to bring a positive presence and influence by bringing the gospel to life in word and action.

We are involved in schools, hospitals, aged care facilities, as well as through our café, to bring hope across many sectors of society.



We achieve our vision by:

  • Engaging individuals in relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Growing them as disciples

  • Equipping them as loving servants, who in turn…

  • Invite others to participate in the life of Christ.

This mission takes place in the context of a loving, mutually supportive community who seeks to obey Jesus’ command to “love one another as I have loved you” (John 13:34,35).



This is what we seek to live by:


We believe that Jesus Christ as the revealed Son of God, crucified and risen on our behalf, is the rightful Lord of all and one day will return. He is the centre of our worship, the in-dweller in our hearts, by the Spirit, and the hope of our future. To be a Christ-centred church is exalt Him in our lives above all else.


We believe that people are designed to grow in their love for God and others, and hence all we do is aimed to help people grow as faithful followers of Jesus Christ.


The church is people. The church is people who love one another. That is the command we live under, and this is what we aim to live out. Being relational we emphasize the value of meeting together, of community, of hospitality, welcoming and be-friending. It means having open networks of relationships able to expand and adjust and multiply as required.


We seek to foster a community where people see it as a privilege to serve others, where our hearts have been so touched by the Holy Spirit that the love, joy and peace of the Holy Spirit flow through our lives in service both within the church and in every area of our daily lives.


We do not exist for ourselves, but for those who do not yet know the redeeming love of Jesus Christ. We look for the fruit of God’s work in the lives of others.


We believe every person is gifted by God in some way, and we seek to identify, encourage, equip and release people to fulfil their God-given potential in service to Him.

Doing our best

We believe God deserves our best, so we seek to learn and grow in what we do so we can do the best we can for His glory.


If you are looking for a church community to belong to, to grow and serve, then please come along and explore further whether God may be calling you to join us and be part of the vision and mission outlined above.