Life Groups

Life Groups at St Lukes is where community happens. It is where people get to know others, care for one another, and help one another on the journey with Jesus in daily life.

Life groups build community, extend God’s love to others, and deepen faith.

These are groups that meet at various times through the week.
There are day-time groups, evening groups, guys groups, ladies groups and mixed groups!
The Triple M group for guys meets over breakfast on Saturday mornings.
Groups vary in size from around 3 to 14, but mostly around 8 to 10.
The best time to join a group is at the start of a term, depending on what the group may be doing.

Group members commit to confidentiality and respecting the nature of anything that may be shared, as trust is built between people.
Group leaders particularly seek to ensure the quality and care of the group towards all participants.

In addition to these groups there is much personal mentoring that takes place as we seek to help one another and grow in maturity as people and as Christians.

Whether or not you attend worship you may like to find out more about Life Groups. Please give the Lead Minister, Glen, a call on 9783 1561, to find out more.

We’d love to hear from you.