Christ’s New People- A United People

August 24th, 2018 | Posted by Glen Macrae in What's On

This Sunday we reflect on the theme of unity. Many in our world today value unity. We want unity- a sense of peace & love in relationships- yet too often we observe disunity. We see conflict in family life, jealousy & resentment expressed in the media, and perhaps too ‘us vs them’ thinking in our workplaces. As we observe the disunity around us, something in us knows that ‘it ain’t meant to be this way’. Yet the unity we long for seems to slip between our fingers. And we too easily fall away into unnecessary divisions. Even in the early church, we find a struggle with disunity based upon class and social status (James 2.1-13).

This Sunday we explore the only place to find true unity- in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here we find truths that have real power to unite a diverse mob of people together, to the extent we entrust ourselves to them. 

Rev. Glen. 

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