Believing in the present power of Christ

September 21st, 2018 | Posted by Glen Macrae in What's On

We live in what leading philosopher Charles Taylor calls a ‘disenchanted’ age. A time when the realm of spirits, angels and other-worldy powers no longer seem to take centre stage in our view of the world. However, as human beings, we are creatures made with an inbuilt purpose to know God the Spirit. We cannot shed our longing for reconnection with the spiritual realm. What’s more, as we look around at the world, too often we encounter evil that can only be explained by the presence of a powerful, evil, spiritual being. In our Gospel reading this Sunday, Jesus helps us see evil for what it is, and provides a way of escape for those overcome by evil (Mark 9.14-29). All welcome to join us this Sunday as we explore these themes. 

At our 11am service, our children will also be provided for by way of colouring in and activity sheets, and a children’s talk on Psalm 8- our Wonderful Creator. 

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