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1. The Friendship Factor

Friendship is a vital ingredient of church life, and it is a vital factor in helping people belong to the church in the future. We ask each of us to intentionally look to make friends with someone on the fringe of the church or currently outside the church.

It is said that people join churches for many reasons, but stay for just one—they make friends. It is important to be friendly, but it is vital to make friends. And to look to be making new friends.

Friendship may be—coffee or a meal together; bringing someone to a church-based event; keeping in touch by phone or visit, and so much more.

St Luke’s is a community of faith where strangers become friends.

The Friendship Factor has three elements:
Be a Friend—do whatever it takes to stick by another person;
Bring a Friend—invite them to your home or an event where you can get to know them and where they can also meet others;
Build Up a Friend—consider what will help your friend grow—closer to Christ and to being the person they could be.

THE FRIENDSHIP FACTOR will transform our church as friends join us and begin to discover the hope of the world. Our aim is to build awareness and foster friendships and how we grow them in the year ahead.

2. Equipping and Empowering people

Our biggest God-given resource is our people—the gifts, abilities, passion and character of each and every person. We believe each one of us can be exceptional for God. This initiative aims to intentionally
give a process and structure where more of each person’s potential is realised.

A two fold initiative:
(a) STEP UP—YOUTH: for upper primary and early secondary aged children. A carefully thought-through approach to learning and practice appropriate for each age-level.
(b) STEP UP – ADULTS: a 12 month project for equipping adults, based on an action/reflection model of learning.

3. Kids Hope—mentoring for primary-aged children

With restricted opportunities to teach about Christian faith in public schools, this initiative gives the chance to be connected with a school community and with school families. It is designed to support and encourage particular students who could benefit, one to one, and is done with the full cooperation of the school. We are looking for mentors who will give an hour a week for this purpose. This is part of a wider national initiative called ‘Kids Hope Australia’.

4. Facilities Development—meeting room/outside area

A project for the up-grade of meeting room and outside area to enhance suitability for children and families and to provide excellent facilities for future ministry.

This proposal includes:
Attractive decorative designs on walls (compare children’s room);
Clearing room of unnecessary items and replacing curtains;
Upgrading the sliding door to remove the trip hazard;
An outside deck area and shade sail with appropriate seating.

Cost: estimated $10,000. To be funded through the Beyond 50 Fund plus Family Ministry Fund (these are limited funds which lie outside our weekly operating budget).


How can we resource our future?

First, we want to thank all our regular and generous givers which make it possible for St Luke’s to function, and who have undergirded the growth of God’s mission thus far..

Second, we wish to sustain and develop our current ministries, as well as implement these new initiatives. To do so there needs to be a 10 per cent increase in our church income.

Will you help us?
Will you commit/recommit to being a regular, faithful and generous giver to God through the ministries of St Luke’s, as far as you are able, in the year ahead? What might that look like?

STRIVE: rising to the challenge!

“That is why we labour and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God” (1 Timothy 4:10). As Paul says here to Timothy, the Christian life is about striving, for we have put our trust in the
living God.

The purpose of STRIVE is to specifically help us achieve the 10 percent increase in giving that is needed.
The idea behind STRIVE:
This is the simple maths of achieving that needed additional income:

If 100 of us were to contribute an additional $5 per week, that would mean an additional $500 per week of income.

Can we achieve this?
Can we fulfil God’s mission in our community?
Let us strive to do so!

For those who are new to St Luke’s, or any who may not have become regular givers, we invite you to adopt STRIVE so we can move forward together.

Every giver makes a huge difference, and God honours us as we do so, whether we are able to give much or little (God sees the widow’s mite—Luke 21).


To indicate your participation in STRIVE, please take a water bottle. We have 100 water bottles. When they are gone we will know there are 100 participants! Use it as a reminder that we are striving
together, and as a reminder to pray for one another, that we may be bold and faithful as a church in doing God’s will.


A further way of investing in the church of the future is through leaving a bequest.
We were recently blessed to receive a $5,000
gift from an estate which has been significant in helping us to meet our expenses in recent months.

Such legacies are best used not for week to week expenses but for capital projects or major initiatives that would otherwise be unachievable.
They can also be used to pay out debts from previous initiatives (for us currently we have a $1,000 per month schedule for paying for the Hope Centre, total debt approx $112,000).

We commend such a gift as may be appropriate for you.
Our aim is to see future generations being active followers of Christ through the local church of St Luke’s.

Phil Hurwood
Vicar, St Lukes Frankston