Our Story Our Future


Looking ahead

Over the next two years we aim to: Share & Pray & Give.


Share in mission together as we –

  • Work to develop our programs further
  • Nurture and encourage all kinds of team so we can run and grow the programs
  • Become more confident to invite people to events and to participate in these programs
  • Enter the second year of Project Future Church, with the aim over the next year, to make our staffing level sustainable through 2016
  • Implement the Patheways model so that all our programs see where they fit with the whole and contribute to people moving towards faith and Christian maturity and service


Pray together for God to shape our future and bring people to Himself.

Pray regularly for leaders, ministries, and for people to come to Christ through them.

Pray for God’s renewing strength and energy, so that we may all mister in His strength more than our own.


Thank you to all of you who have supported and given to God through our church community over this past year. It has made possible the progress we have seen.

At the same time, our deficit means that we need to build further support to sustain our staffing and mission priorities in the future.

Our aim for the next year is to sustain the momentum of our mission and to meet the natural rise in expenses which is taking place.

Can you participate with us in giving to God over the next 12 months?

Pray that God may provide for us as we move on in faith together.

The plan:

If we can each add one dollar a week to what we already give to God, what a huge difference that will make. If , between us, we can add 300 such dollars, we can make the difference.


What if for every dollar we thought of a way to love like Jesus?

That would be 300 ways to love like Jesus.

What can you think of? Between us we will compile a list of your ideas!

Let’s be part of the ONE DOLLAR DIFFERENCE and see God’s love continue to impact the lives of people in our community.