Our Process of Discipleship

Step 1: Coming to Jesus

Saying ‘Yes’ to Jesus is the most eternal decision you ever make. It launches you on an eternal journey of loving and serving the God who made you.

You can commit your life to Jesus by a simple prayer. Many find the Alpha course helpful to get understanding of why Jesus came and what it is all about.

Baptism is a tangible way God gave us of expressing that commitment among others in the church. All these are terrific first steps.

Step 2: Growing In Jesus

We grow in Jesus as we read from His word, the Bible. Our reading plan and journaling help us to integrate God’s word into the practical outworking of the way we live. Being regular in worshipping together with our Christians, who the Bible describes as our brothers and sisters in Christ, is another vital habit for us to build. A third way is meeting with a small group of others to help us grow in our faith and to keep us on track, and to simply care for one another.

Another recommended step at St Luke’s is to attend a ‘Loving God Loving Others’ evening, an orientation and welcome evening, offered once per term.

Step 3: Equipping for Jesus

The Bible talks about each of us having gifts to use for the benefit of everybody. These gifts can be natural abilities, God-given attributes, or simply skills we have acquired. They may be in the areas related to people – leadership, management, pastoring, hospitality; or they may be practical gifts – creative arts, music, technology and the like; or they may be simply practical serving of each other in housekeeping tasks – cleaning, preparing, maintaining, etc. It could be a blend of these as we are all uniquely made. The natural overflow of faith is a servant heart – and we move into opportunities to serve others. We also provide areas of training in various areas, so look for what’s happening through the St Luke’s training arm to help you be equipped for Jesus.

Step 4: Going with Jesus

We live the vast majority of our lives out in the world of work or education, home and family, community and commerce, and all that goes with it. We go into all these areas as followers of Jesus to bring his light and salt to the world and all its relationships. This is the mission field of Jesus, and He goes with us. We pray for His strength through the Holy Spirit to reach out to those around us and to invite them to journey with us in some way, that they may come to know the Jesus we do. In turn, we pray there will be those provoked to curiosity and to begin to move into the Step 1 phase. At times we engage in corporate mission which we do together, and details of these will come through our communications.

This process of discipleship is intentional, focused and sustained. Of course, God will work differently with different people, but this framework helps us see and actualize the movement of God’s growth and grace. We invite you to be part of this process.