Christ the King- the Gospel according to Mark

August 25th, 2017 | Posted by Glen Macrae in What's On

How can the religious and self righteous heart find freedom? What can tame the wild self indulgent heart? Join us for our new series on Mark’s Gospel and find out.

Mark presents not just a biography of Jesus, but a biography with a message. He presents ‘the good news about Jesus the Christ, the Son of God’ (Mark 1.1). A good news message that can free and tame our hearts today.

Whether you are religious, or don’t have a religious bone in your body… let me invite you to join St Lukes for this series. Mark’s Gospel is for you, whoever you are.

Let me invite you to tune in, read and reread Mark’s Gospel. And pray that the message of Jesus becomes good news for your heart too, even today.

Glen Macrae, Lead Minister, St Lukes Frankston.



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